Colorado Bike Law is dedicated to informing and advancing the rights of all cyclists, particularly in Colorado. Our goal is to promote bicycle safety awareness, advocate bicycling interests, and serve as a resource of information for cyclists in need of legal assistance.

Brad Tucker is the founder and attorney of Brad is unique in his field, as he is both an avid cyclist and an experienced trial attorney who has focused his practice on insurance and liability law. Click below for more information about Brad. We are hopeful that through this effort we can help raise awareness of cyclists' rights, and better serve the cycling community. Please bookmark this site and use it as a resource in the future. We want this site to be informative, so let us know if you have any ideas or wish to provide other feedback.

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Best Bike Locks and How to Use Them

Best Bike Locks and How to Use Them. Photo Credit: Shutterstock Photo by Shutterstock

Over two million bikes are stolen in the US every year. Over our many years of riding, and many bikes stolen, we'vee learned the hard way when it comes to bike thefts, and we are here to offer a small token of wisdom so that you don't lose your bike as well.

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