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Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker is as well-known in the cycling community as he is in the legal community. An accomplished cyclist, Brad competes in road races, hill climbs, and time trials. He rides thousands of miles a year, training with his team, racing, commuting, running errands, and riding with his family. Brad is actively involved in the Colorado cycling community. He is a past member of the boards of directors of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) and South East Area Racing (SEAR). Additionally, Brad has performed volunteer legal work at no fee for Bicycle Colorado since 2004. In 2008, Brad was elected to the Board of Directors of Bicycle Colorado, and he has served on the board ever since. In 2018, Brad was elected President of the Board of Directors and he continues to serve in that statewide leadership role today. He writes a regular "Q & A" column for the Bicycle Colorado newsletter and website.

As a litigator for over 30 years, Brad is well-known for his courtroom skills, having achieved a remarkable trial record. His energy and enthusiasm, combined with his ability to simplify even the most complex issues, make him a formidable adversary. The rare combination of both legal and cycling expertise, combined with his experience, reputation, and successes in the courtroom provide considerable leverage in negotiating favorable settlements. A graduate of both the University of Tulsa's College of Business Administration and College of Law, Brad began his practice in 1990. Since then, he has practiced exclusively in civil litigation, specializing in liability and insurance law. He is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts of Colorado.

Brad was recently featured in the article Cyclists Demand Motorists Learn Bike Safety by Noah Anderson.


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Brad's Access and Communication with Us Was Phenomenal

Brad Tucker has absolutely been our family's savior after a drunk driver struck me while on a bicycle this July. Against all reasonable odds, Brad has prevailed on each and every one of the fronts he's gone to bat for us.

For example, my wife and I had no idea that our auto insurance coverage (specifically Under-insured motorist coverage) would possibly apply to this bicycle accident. Our own insurance agent even concurred that there'd be no coverage! However, Brad's experience led him to convince our auto insurance carrier to not only apply coverage from one car, but to aggregate the coverage from all three of our cars, effectively tripling our proceeds.

On another significant front, and in a seemingly miraculous act, Brad successfully convinced my company's health insurance provider to actually waive their written rights of subrogation over these auto insurance proceeds, leaving 100% of funds for our use.

During these tremendous successes, Brad's access and communication with us was phenomenal, and at a level that I can only strive for when working with my own clients. In short, Brad performs magic, and for this reason I cannot recommend his services enough.

Rick Petersen, AIA, Principal

Professional As Well As Personal

After my accident on Sept. 21, 2007, I talked to several people about finding a lawyer to represent me. Brad was the first one I spoke to out of five or six, and frankly, I wish I hadn't wasted my time meeting with the others. Brad was professional as well as personal. He handled my case as if it was himself that was in the accident. He was very thorough in explaining the process and decisions to me (and in my physical state, more than once). I did have a bit of a connection with Brad, being a fellow bike racer and knowing some of the same people in the cycling world.

Brad was a pleasure to work with who went above and beyond, and hope to do a bike ride with sometime soon!

Luke Schupanitz, Lakewood, CO

Experienced, Professional Representation

If you are hurt in a bike accident, you need experienced, professional representation. Brad was my attorney when I needed one. I was glad to have him on my side.

Senator Greg Brophy, Wray, CO

Sensitive To Our Situation

Sheri and I want to thank you again for the manner in which you handled the settlement negotiations arising from my bicycle accident of September 2005. You were very sensitive to our situation at all times. You dealt with everyone concerned with the case in a totally professional manner. You were extremely thorough tracking down every piece of information that would help in the negotiations and that would result in a favorable outcome for us. Your care and concern for Sheri and I will not be forgotten, and the settlement that you negotiated for us was fair to all parties involved. You realized from the beginning that this was a life altering situation for both of us and you worked for a settlement that would give us the ability to deal with the changes arising from my injuries. Thank you.

Please feel free at any time to use us for a reference with your clients. After working with you on our case, we can give you a glowing recommendation. Due to your bicycle racing experience, we feel that you are especially qualified to handle accidents involving cyclists. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Bill and Sheri Barr, Denver, CO

I Really Can't Thank You Enough

I really can't thank you enough for the incredible settlement that came through today as a result of all your hard work and support. I know it is what you do but it means a lot to me on this end to be compensated for the incredible expense, pain and aggravation of coming back from an accident that was absolutely no fault of my own. All this time, even when things felt pretty bad, I kept reminding myself that you had my back and it would be settled eventually. I dread to think where would we victims of such accidents be without those such as yourself working on our behalf. I know a lot of details lined up in my favor for this to work out the way it did but it would have all just been details without your representation. I really, really, really appreciate all you have done for me.

Sue Butcher